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FinalSwab Reusable Deluxe Q-Tips Mirror Set

  • This isn’t your average cotton swab. In fact, it doesn’t feature any cotton at all! Strong nyon core with soft medical grade silicone tips at each end. Imagine a world where sea animals can live without the dangers of ingesting non-degradable microplastics. That’s the beauty of FINALSWAB. You can make a conscious contribution to save the planet, and save money at the same time. Now that’s smart! FinalSwab is designed to be everlasting, this a total game-changer – We genuinely hope that the swab you purchase from us would be the LASTSWAB you ever need to buy.


    This package includes : x3 FinalSwab Reusable Silicone Swabs, x1 Mirror Travel Case, x1 Cleaning brush, x1 Tweezer, x4 Replacement Silicone Swab Heads

The Problem

Easy To Clean


Like all other cotton swab products, we do not recommend to use the FinalSwab Q-tips for cleaning the inner ear canal due to health and safety reasons. When used with cautions, standard Q-tips are excellent to clean the outer ears.

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