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A lot of us have probably heard the warnings that physicians have made about using cotton swabs. Are they safe? Can they be safe? Or have they solely been invented to harm our ears? Well, we probably already know the answer to that last one. While we at FinalSwab are not ear doctors, in this article we hope to shed some light on how to clean your ears safely . 🔦🔦

A lot of our readers have a pretty strong interest in keeping their ears clean; especially because of the intended use of our first product, FinalSwab. On the other hand, our blog welcomes anyone interested in the environment, health, zero waste, and more!

How to clean your ears safely.

Earwax serves a good purpose and isn’t there for no reason, but the excess outer wax is not so useful and is mostly just a nuisance. So, let’s look at how to clean our ears safely. 

When in doubt, just remember the further outside you are, the safer it will be for ear cleaning. Some are simply satisfied with cleaning what is visible, this is the safest approach since it typically means it’s furthest from the inside of our ear.

Avoid🙅🏽‍♀️any sort of pushing inwards, instead try and simply run the edge of your outer ear canal in a circular motion. Pushing the swab inwards and trying to scrape wax out can lead to packing the ear canal. This can cause damage to our eardrums, loss of hearing, ringing, or “plugged ears”.

Because of the shape of your outside ears, you’ll be changing the angle of your swab quite a bit when ear cleaning. This will make sure you clean all surface areas for a cleaner looking and feeling ear. 

Why clean your ears?

Our ears actually function pretty efficiently. As the inside of our ears shed skin, it is pushed to the outside along with excess wax.

People clean their ears for different reasons. Some people are bothered by the feeling of excess ear wax. Others simply want the visible portion of their ears to look and feel clean 🧼. Some of us may actually experience problems when we don’t clean our ears, but a lot of us do it to look and feel cleaner. 

When to clean your ears.

The time of day and frequency of ear cleaning is ultimately up to us. This could be when we start to feel and see any outside earwax, or it could simply be a daily routine.

Regular cotton swabs have a tendency to dry our ears out which could be a reason to not use them daily. Luckily, FinalSwab tips are made from a material that doesn’t create dryness when ear cleaning, so no worries there!

Whichever frequency you choose, it’s up to you to decide which is most comfortable for you. As long as you’re ear cleaning safely and avoiding certain risks, feel free to clean away!

The risks of ear cleaning.

Alright, maybe cleaning our ears isn't as dangerous as walking a tight rope but hey, our health is important! Professionals have stated that caring for our ears incorrectly can create several problems including:

  • Damage to the eardrum
  • Ringing
  • Plugged ears
  • Loss of balance
  • Infection
  • Hearing loss

Clearly these problems can be serious. Our ears can impact our daily lives and health in a variety of ways. So it’s important we take good care of them and not make them worse off while trying to make them better.

The good thing is, these problems are completely avoidable by simply being safe and smart about ear cleaning.

When in doubt, see your doctor.👩🏼‍⚕️

If you are reading this and have experienced some issues with your ears, consult with your doctor, it couldn’t hurt. This way, they can get a good look into your ears and tell you what is or isn’t going on. Don’t try and remove wax from a plugged up ear on your own. 

Oftentimes when people experience serious packing of their ear canal, it has to be removed professionally with a water pick. Ears are rather simple, but they are very important and can be fragile when exposed to the wrong things.

Our bodies are rather low maintenance once the essentials are taken care of. At the end of the day, you know what feels right and what feels wrong. Trust your gut but make sure you remain properly informed  on how to take care of your body.📚

Understandably, we get pretty excited about our daily routines since they are becoming so earth friendly! Cleaning our ears, brushing our teeth, blowing our nose, or going grocery shopping are all so exciting now that they can be done with little to no waste. 🚮

In that excitement we just need to remain mindful about our actions and about our health. Because without our health, how can we make these changes in the world? You are doing great and we at FinalSwab are so happy to see your sustainable journeys continue to flourish.🌼🌸💐

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